Case Studies- Joint Surgeries & Treatments Done By Dr. Nandan Rao

Case Studies

Successful Treatment

Autologous chondrocyte implantation for cartilage injuries (Cell treatment) This patient had cartilage loss after knee injury and was not able to walk. With new Autologous chondrocyte implantation technique we were able to regenerate cartilage at the site of injury. Within a short period of 3 months he was back to his normal life. He was able to walk, had full knee bending and was able to sit cross legged.

This young girl (12 years old) fell from a two wheeler and sustained a fracture inside the knee joint. She underwent arthroscopic knee fracture fixation treatment without implants. This method of surgery allows for complete recovery with no scars of surgery.

Meniscus protect the knee from arthritis. Hence meniscus tears should be repaired. This 35 year old patient had a repair of a complex bucket handle meniscus tear and had an excellent result. He had an ACL tear also for which he underwent ACL reconstruction.

During adolescence ACL reconstruction should be done such that future growth should not be affected. This young athlete aged 14 years underwent ACL reconstruction. He regained full knee function and stability and resumed his sports activities.

This middle aged (45 year old) badminton athlete underwent Knee ACL reconstruction and medial meniscus repair. After 4 months he was able to train in the gym and got back to competitive Badminton.

This 22 year old patient had a road traffic accident and sustained knee dislocation. He had a tear of all 4 important ligaments of the knee and popliteal vessel (main blood vessel of the leg). He underwent surgery in 3 stages within 6 months. At the end of 8 months he was working out in the gym with normal knee function.

This young lady had repeated episodes of knee cap dislocation. She had MPFL (medial Patello-Femoral Ligament) tear. She underwent MPFL reconstruction and she had normal knee function and movements.

This 40 year old lady had bow legs and due to a freak accident sustained a medial meniscus root tear. She underwent repair of the medial meniscus and correction of her bow legs. She had full knee movements and returned to her daily life work.

This patient had dead cartilage in the ankle due to Osteochondritis dissecans. The exact cause of osteochondritis dissecans is not known. He underwent ankle arthroscopic surgery where we removed the dead bone and did a procedure called Bone marrow stimulation. New cartilage grew at the place of dead cartilage and he was back to his normal life.

This patient had a shoulder injury and had a rotator cuff tear. Rotator cuff is a group of 4 muscles in the shoulder joint. She had severe pain in the shoulder and was not able to lift or move his shoulder. After arthroscopic rotator cuff repair she had all normal shoulder movements

This patient had repeated shoulder dislocations due to which he had a torn ligament or labrum of the shoulder called Bankart tear. He underwent arthroscopic Bankart repair and had normal shoulder movements with complete stability.